TEAM 2018

From March 5 to March 10 Courmayeur will host the tenth edition of the greatest adrenaline-fueled event of the winter. The competing teams of the contest will have three days to capture the thrill of freeriding at the foothills of Mont Blanc and complete a photo portfolio, a 120-minute video, and a 15-seconds Instagram video.



ROBY BRAGOTTO (ITA) / Photographer
Exceptional Italian photographer, he has already won an edition of Click on The Mountain (2016) and several category awards in 2016 and 2017. He has a very special artistic streak, a sensitive soul and a big heart. Roby has photographed the greatest Italian snowboarders and recently he has moved on the international scene following productions with many athletes like Ethan Morgan (who was part of his team last year) and Halldor Helgason. His greatest passion goes hand in hand with his craft: snowboarding with his friends.

KEVIN KOK (ITA) / Filmer
Former freestlyler competing in the World Cup, with he has a degree in Media Design and multimedia arts. Mixed origins (Italian and Dutch), he has grown partly in Finland, partly in Milan, and partly right here in Valle d'Aosta. Exactly in these days you are hearing his voice speaking the Pyongyang Olympics for snowboarding competitions. Creative and smart video maker, he begins with his passion by filming his crew HWCLS, and he is invited to participate at Click on the Mountain with his homies, all professionals by now, for the second year in a row.

SIMON GRUBER (ITA) / Snowboarder
Now at the fourth edition of Click on the mountain, Monster Energy athlete, he is one of the most experienced and versatile snowboarders on the Italian and international scene. Ex World Cup rider, strong freestyler, he took part in the most important events in Europe. Lately he is very involved in the freeride scene with the release of several video part along with the greatest athletes in circulation. Simon and Roby Bragotto are now an inseparable duo and with Kevin Kok in the Team we expect the best of the Italian production.

MARCO GRIGIS (ITA) / Snowboarder
He is one of the family too. He is Italian, currently going through one of his best career’s moments with recent video parts in movies with Simon Gruber, Ethan Morgan, Halldor Elgason. Young, always smiling, he plays benjo very well and lately he likes to hang in between mountain peeks balancing on a slack line. He’s invited to Click on the mountain for the second year in a row, teaming up with his “Homies” Simon, Kevin, Roby.


ADAM KLINGETEG (SWE) / Photographer
Mountains, music, fashion or people - there’s little thing that Adam hasn’t pointed his camera at. So far, his work has been featured in travel books, surf, ski and mountain bike magazines and he’s not planning to slow down. This year, Adam is travelling all the way from Stockholm to work and shoot in the stunning area of Courmayeur Mont Blanc. "I’ve actually never been to this part of the Alps, so I’m extremely excited to come here!“

A creative genius out of the Swedish west coast. A place which has given him a lot more of surfing than skiing. Have been following a promising South African olympic snowboarder for the latest but is now (just in time) available to join the Swedish team.
Knows how to get a good vibe out of just everything.

Skiing is something Erik grew up with, since his family has a huge interest for skiing, so it has always been a part of his life. For years, he was shredding the park, but nowadays he’s on the hunt to ride some fresh pow. His goals have been and will always be to ski with friends, film, compete, travel, evolve as a skier and make sure to have a really good time while doing that.
The head of Dødsrytt, the fastest riding crew out of Sweden. Doesn't matter if the mountain is milky grey and the snow is packed to the max, he just goes for full send and stomp all the time. Probably with a Judas Priest soundtrack in the background.
Also originating from the competitive scene with a creative style and big shiftys which has led him to compete in the World Cup and more. Now easily living life in in the backcountry.

Since becoming Peak Performance Rookie of the Year 2015, William hasn’t stopped to impress. Thanks to his solid background in freestyle, William has a playful and string approach to every aspect of skiing the mountains all over the globe! "This rider has impressed us by his versatile skills on the mountain. Through his playful skiing he has made the most of every obstacle in his way. He has shown us that he is no one hit wonder!“
The pure joy of skiing truely shines through when you see William ski. When he looks at a mountain he sees nothing but opportunities to draw fun lines and find the biggest hits. With a background in the Swedish slopestyle scene and now more a big mountain skiier, he surely knows how to lay down tricks wherever.
Been working a lot with photographer Adam before and won’t say no to a cup of ”kokkaffe"



KLAUS POLZER (GER) / Photographer
Klaus Polzer’s journey to life as photographer was an unlikely one – first, he studied physics. “But I liked to spend my winters in the mountains,” he says. His passion got serious and he began competing in the first freeride comps. Then, he was asked to join a German freeski mag. And finally, these days he’s at the helm of Downdays.
“For me, a great photo is one that makes me feel what was going on at the moment the photo was taken. When a photo can make you re-live those moments, it’s great.”
“What I prefer,” he says, “is to get up, get a coffee, pack my ski and photo gear and head out into the mountains.” Who can argue with that?
Oh, and he already won the COTM...


Giulia is a passionate strong skier, IFMGA mountain guide in the making and all-around climber who made the mountains her home since the early stages of her life. Her love for snow made her move first to the Dolomites then to the Swiss Alps to finally end up at the foot of Mont Blanc massif where she is currently living.
As a former professional freeskier, she won Verbier Xtreme in 2006 and competed in the FWT. Soon after she expanded her focus not only in freeriding but also exploring adventurous steep skiing and aesthetic lines in big mountains around the world scoring. Giulia will join Click on The Mountain for her first time.

Originally from Quebec Canada, she stopped racing in 2003 and moved straight to Whistler where she started freeriding. After many years there, she was dreaming about the Alps. After spending 3 winters in Chamonix, she finally moved to France a couple years ago. Now based in Les Arcs France, she spends her Winters having fun on skis with friends, finding the good snow and travelling around to discover new spots.