The roots

Click On The Mountain was created in 2009 on the initiative of the Courmayeur Ski and Snowboard School . The idea is very simple: 2 talented snowboard and ski freeriders and a photographer ready for anything.No pre-planned itinerary, the only rule is to follow your instinct.
The challenge, created in Courmayeur, shows 4 teams leaded by a professional photographer who chooses and follows 2 riders, looking for catching their style, their technical and acrobatics skills.They will opt for the most amazing and hidden itineraries, to create a fascinating narration of the athletic act that define the freerider and his world.



Click on the mountain is a photography challenge that involved internationally renowned snowboard and ski riders/athletes and photographers.
Divided in teams, riders and photographers, challenging each other. Battle field: Courmayeur and its territory! From the slopes to the freeride itineraries, participants are free to move without spatiotemporal limits.
The aim is to capture what the resort can offer and produce an amazing book, emphasizing the whole situations.
The main theme is “Human in the mountain contest”

Click on The Mountain is dynamic event with an international media coverage.

The 2016 edition has a new component: the video. In addition to the book, each team, with the help of a video maker will have to produce a 120-seconds video.


6 days of performances: From the teams briefing on Monday to the final ceremony on Saturday, projects projection and Cocktail Party in the center of Courmayeur.

Waves of emotions:

‪Monday evening is dedicated to the teams, the initial briefing and participants presentation. The competition is officially on. ‬
On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, Friday, teams will look for the best spots of area, reachable thanks to the Cableway companies Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie and Skyway Mont Blanc or by helicopter.

‪‪On Saturday morning, teams have to deliver their project that will be composed of preselected pictures and a 120-seconds video, the themes are:‬
Light effect

Books and videos will be analyzed and evaluated by a jury of experts.

‪On saturday, at 7.00 pm, award ceremony, projects presentation in the center of Courmayeur and final party
International photograph and riders

International photograph and riders

The Click of the mountain history is made of internationally renowned photographs and riders: Tero Repo, Daniel Ronnbach, Flo Smith, Ricky Felderer, Stefano Pozzolini, Alberto Schiavon, Jacob Wester, Aice Bazzana, Martino Valle, i fratelli Gex, Sebastian Huber, Teddy Berr, Mathias Fabbro, Simon Gruber, Roman Lochner and others.
Get more informations about them in the session dedicated to the previous editions of Click on The Mountain.