Courmayeur and Freeriding

Courmayeur and Freeriding

Courmayeur Mont Blanc is a must-see destination for freeriders
The opportunities are endless: take a cable car ride up, go heliskiing and dive into beautiful and untouched slopes, go skiing or snowshoeing – we are talking about lovely blankets of powder at the highest altitude in Europe! If you are a thrill seeker and are looking for beautiful fresh snow, come to Courmayeur Mont Blanc, the Italian side of Mont Blanc: come and leave your tracks on our countless untouched backcountry slopes, like the legendary Vallée Blanche, the classic Toula, the amazing Arp Vieille and the wonderful Val Vény larch and spruce woods.
Are you an expert freerider or a beginner?

Come and find out how great it is to freeride on Mont Blanc, thanks to the wide range of custom-made services for newbies and experts – something only Courmayeur can give you. You’ll find: cutting-edge cable cars and lifts to reach the best powder in a few minutes; the only heliskiing service available on the Mont Blanc massif; rental shops and test centers equipped with the latest gear; mountain guides, ski instructors and freeride tutors, who will give you lessons or simply guide you through the amazing freeride and freestyle lines of Courmayeur Mont Blanc.
Courmayeur: Freeriders' best kept secret
Courmayeur is a great fun park for freeriders. With its 65 km of fabulous slopes and 70 different itineraries, it is the capital of freeriding. Skiing into the backcountry is an invaluable experience in the wilderness. Courmayeur boasts a unique, stunning scenery for freeriding enthusiasts, who can count on a wide range of specially dedicated facilities and services. The two major off-piste locations are found within the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie ski area and under Mont Blanc. In the Courmayeur Mont Blanc Funivie ski area you’ll find the highest range of wonderful, untouched routes and lush spruce and larch woods, which suit all kinds of riders, from beginners to black run experts. Here, between one descent and the next, it’s impossible not to admire the endless chain of dramatic peaks and glaciers. The new Skyway Monte Bianco cable cars open up a series of wonderful off-piste runs, such as the incredibly scenic Vallée Blanche and the Toula. From every angle, the vista offered on the Western Alps is breathtaking. Vallée Blanche, the run starting from the Torino Hut and arriving in Chamonix, is a classic: 24 km of off-piste paradise through the spectacular and unique Mer de Glace glacier. On the Italian side of Mont Blanc, Toula is a top destination for lovers of untouched tracks.
Heliskiing over Mont Blanc
Can you imagine combining the thrill of a helicopter ride and the feeling of drawing dashing curves on fresh snow? In Courmayeur such a dream comes true thanks to the possibility of heliskiing, a memorable experience during which you can reach remote areas - which you could not visit otherwise - and admire Mont Blanc from a different, privileged position. It’s really a unique occasion, as Courmayeur is the only ski resort in the Mont Blanc region to offer such an exciting opportunity.

Courmayeur and Mont Blanc

“The nature here is gentle, expressive, majestic, whimsical, wild, fascinating, and it seems to call out and say: stay!”.

This is how Auguste Argentier described Courmayeur in 1864, using words that do true justice to the timeless charm radiated from this small town at the foothills of Mont Blanc.
Life in Courmayeur ranges from a mountaineering to a glamorous lifestyle; from climbing boots to 5-inch pumps; from rock and ice to warm thermal waters; from the light snacks of an adventurer to refined gourmet dinners. What makes this chic ski retreat unique is its ability to combine a distinctive alpine identity and arduous mountain life with the glamour and luxury behind Courmayeur’s international tourism.
Courmayeur Mont Blanc

Courmayeur Mont Blanc

Located between Italy, France and Switzerland, at the foothills of the Mont Blanc massif, Courmayeur (1,224 mt) represents the very essence of the Italian Alps.
A long-established tradition of mountain tourism is reflected in a rooted alpine identity distinguished by a cosmopolitan touch.
Courmayeur means both a mountaineering and a glamorous lifestyle: climbing boots in one hand, and 5-inch pumps in the other; rocks and snow but also warm thermal waters; light snacks of an adventurer and gourmet delicacies.
These are the two souls embodied by a uniquely chic ski retreat, where the alpine identity and the outdoor habits are combined with the style and luxury of international tourism.
Worldly and sophisticated, Courmayeur is one of the most exclusive destinations in the Alps. It boasts a wide and diversified range of accommodation facilities, from the luxury four- and five-star resorts, to the three-star hotels and the typical, warm and homely meublés (bed and breakfasts). Moreover, in the latest years, a new type of small, charming mountain hotel has appeared on the local scene. Some of these lodges are located outside the town center or in the surrounding villages, thus offering a great value for money.
Courmayeur means the holiday in Italy: sports, fun, shopping, fine dining, and excellent wine, on the most beautiful side of Mont Blanc.
High quality, style and a vibrant character will ensure you the most wonderful holiday in Courmayeur Mont Blanc.
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